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What is FEVOO?

May 16, 2013


Fe-voo [fee-voo]


Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil – an oil mechanically extracted from fresh olive fruit with perfect harmony & flavour characteristics.  Can be used in cooking; drizzle, bake, fry, bbq & marinate.  Also, is renouned for its array of health benefits!


“FEVOO is the experience when you taste a Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the first time.  The experience is so compelling that your eyes tend to open up, a flood of joy fills your heart and you think “where have you been all my life!”  This is what we get excited about, the freshness factor in EVOO that stands for health, flavour and what makes an oil alive.  Freshness is everything when talking about EVOO or should we say FEVOO?



Refined, pomace, light, extra light, pure



an evolution of ‘EVOO’, Extra virgin olive oil, developed in order to differentiate true fresh EVOO from other imposters.


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